About Quick Fit Indiana

Quick Fit Indiana is the first High Intensity Strength Training Studio in Bloomington

The Studio features ARX (Adaptive Resistance Exercise) Machines which means every second of every rep is being ADAPTED TO YOU giving you the perfect amount of resistance at all times. The ARX Machines are perfect for beginners up to all fitness levels because of their adaptive nature.

The exercises are slow and controlled making the risk of injury very low.

Each exercise takes between 1-2 minutes. The muscles are under tension the entire time, and since the perfect resistance is being applied, your muscles are fatigued in the most efficient & effective manner. There are no awkward movements here. Most of the exercises take place sitting down.

Each weekly workout is designed for the 'full body'. Each exercise session takes about 20 minutes and they are private 1 to 1 sessions

The magic is in the recovery of the muscles. Since the ARX does such a great job of fatiguing the muscles, you must allow biology to do its job. The science is very clear, you should give your muscles between 4 & 8 days of recovery to re-build your muscles stronger than they were before.

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