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Floating is the ultimate experience in sensory reduction therapy. It allows the individual to shut out distracting sounds and visual stimuli to reach an optimal point of relaxation, meditation, and well-being, while at the same time having the feeling of weightlessness. A solution of Epsom salts paired with a water temperature of 93.5 degrees -- the same temperature as the surface of your skin -- provides the user with a true feeling of floating. After spending a few minutes in the tank, you begin to let go of control, physical feeling, and worry.

The idea of Serenus started back in 2000, when Joseph Gerbofsky, the owner of Serenus and then a Mental Health Counselor, was brainstorming for tools that could help his clients become more mindful and gain true introspection into their lives. Float Therapy then was well known and growing in Europe and the US West Coast, but at that time there was no empirical evidence to show, beyond the “he-said, she-said” of things, the actual benefits of floating. Today there are several empirical studies that have been done to prove that floating can reduce baseline anxiety, depression, and PTSD symptoms. On top of those wonderful benefits, the Epsom Salt also helps with joint and back pain, reduces blood pressure, and allows the individual to absorb more magnesium through their skin which is essential to cognitive and muscular function.
Serenus has been open since Dec. 2017, and has had many great wellness enthusiasts through its doors. Wellness isn’t just a trend, it is a lifestyle, and one that everyone should want to add to their lives for the betterment of themselves and those that love them. Serenus can help you feel better, be less stressed, and help you tackle the world demands that we are all plagued with. The benefits of reduced stress, improved pain management, and improved creativity and clarity are a float away -- join us today, Bloomington.

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