About Smithville Communications

Growing as our community and state have grown since 1922, Smithville is now Indiana's largest independent telecommunications broadband provider!

In 1969 we began to invest more than ever in our region and acquired 12 exchanges. By 1991, all of those exchanges were digital! Our fiber-optic ring also entered service in 1991, linking together the Ellettsville digital switching center, Stanford digital switching center, Smithville digital switching center, and Indiana Bell Bloomington facilities.

By 1998, Smithville started offering long-distance service, and in 2000 we began offering DSL services to our customers. Our newest division, Smithville Digital, was launched in 2004, providing the most sophisticated technological services for businesses and their networking needs.

No matter how we grow or change, Smithville remains connected to our roots in our communities and our state!

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