Why Use Direct Mail?

Consumers today are constantly bombarded with advertisements from television, newspapers, magazines, radio and the internet. So, how do you get their attention? How do you reach your targeted customers effectively in such an overwhelming marketplace? How do you reach them, without spending your entire advertising budget, especially if it isn't a huge one: direct mail.

What Are The Benefits Of Direct Mail?

Precise Target - Direct mail is one of the only forms of advertising that lets you precisely pinpoint your target audience. Unlike advertising in mass media, direct mail allows you to know precisely to whom you're speaking, so waste is kept to a minimum. For example, if you are a home improvement contractor, you will not, with accurate lists, be mailing to apartment dwellers!

Measurability - You get clear-cut response rate information from a direct mail postcard or other printed mail-piece that is easy to analyze.

Budgeting - With direct mail you know exactly how many pieces you sent out in your campaign. You know who received them and how much each piece cost. You also know how many responses came back from your campaign. This information makes it easy to calculate the cost-per-sale or the cost-per-response. You can even track how much repeat business and income a sequence of mailings has generated over a period of time.

How Effective Is Direct Mail?

Very effective - it has become a science. It works because it is precise and effective. Mailpak Magazine employees have over 100 years of combined experience and our customers have come to rely on our extensive resources, knowledge and judgment to help simplify their campaigns. So for your next campaign, please allow us to help you achieve your success.


  1. Cooperative Direct Mail Marketing is the MOST cost-effective, easiest way for local businesses to reach all the potential customers within their local market place.
  2. Direct Mail Advertising is still the #1 Advertising Media in America today.
  3. Advertising is an Investment, Not an expense. An advertising budget is not money spent on advertising that has proven it works. A budget is money set aside to “gamble” on additional forms of advertising. Smart business people and successful companies add advertising vehicles each and every year.
  4. Coupon usage is growing every single day In 2010 78.3% of all households regularly use coupons as compared to 77% in 2009, 75.8% in 2008 and 63.6% in 2007…..Source Valassis Inc. Jan 20, 2011